Yeah, you found us.

This is a private climbing group. We don't teach, we don't guide and we don't claim responsibility for anything that happens during an outing. You alone must choose to risk your own life roping up with anyone associated with this non-professional goon squad.

If you're truly interested in climbing (and not just adding an "interest" to boost your social network standing), send a note to the organizer, and we'll let you know when the next gathering of delinquents will be. We generally climb twice a week: one night after work and one day on the weekend, along with monthly trips to the usual meccas. We also drink a fair amount of beer.

Rock Climbing and associated activities are inherently dangerous and potentially deadly. You, and no one else, are 100% responsible for your safety at all times. Those interested in Rock Climbing or related activities should obtain professional instruction from an AMGA-licensed, reputable source, such as a guide, a school, or service. (Yes, this is the boiler-plate statement you've read many times before, but it applies. Blah, blah, blah.)